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free widget in title

Free Memory Widget Yahoo Widget that will show on your desktop yout current amount of free physical memory
Size: 69 KB
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Yahoo Widget free view memory free memory physical memory  
VW Rabbit 'Free Events' Widget This Yahoo Widget will put you up to date with what's cool and affordable in your city
Size: 378 KB
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Widget display event event viewer date widget  
To Do Widget The To Do Widget widget for Opera browser allows you to manage a task list
Size: 306 KB
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Widget manager task opera widget Task Manager Sears widget  
V-Widget V-Widget keeps you informed with the latest news from
Size: 60.32K
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viewer view news reader news news viewer  
Look It Up! Widget This Yahoo Widget will allow you to lookup words using Google
Size: 85 KB
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Yahoo Widget search find Lookup google search word lookup  
Q-Widget This widget allows you to conenct and listen to Q Radio
Size: 92.41K
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stream radio streaming live streaming Radio Station  

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Ikarus 2 Font Ikarus 2 Font is a free font for windows
Size: 81 KB
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free truetype font font free font Ikarus Font free widget  
der-Leo's Shortcuts der-Leo's Shortcuts is a free widget that handles multiple shortcuts
Size: 198 KB
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Widget manager multiple broken shortcuts Leo Astrology  
Battery Monitor Widget A simple power monitoring widget
Size: 64 KB
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check monitor battery monitor battery free widget  
XP Firewall Control Widget A useful widget that allows you to have handy control over native Windows Firewall
Size: 41 KB
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control xp Firewall control firewall free widget  
StartButton StartButton is a free widget that floats an alternative image so you can skin your Windows Start Button
Size: 279 KB
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button start skin free widget button skin Image Button  
Care Meter Care Meter is a free widget that shows with a panel meter how much your CPU is working
Size: 182 KB
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VU meter display CPU Spot Meter Network Meter Meter Usage  

free widget in description

Widget Converter Are you a widget developer? Do different Widget formats have you down? This Widget will end your misery. Widget Converter is a great tool that will take a Widget which runs in the Yahoo! Widget Engine
Size: 1.24MB
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Widget convert format widgets collection widgets  
BatMan Widget BatMan is a free widget that basically displays smileys according to the battery's status. [Editor's Note] Launching this Widget on a computer with no battery installed will result in the Widget runni...
Size: 133.53K
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status battery smiley image smiley hidden smiley  
ESPNticker ) Feel free to include them in your widget.
Size: 21 KB
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Widget RSS RSS feed news news feed feed news ESPN widget  
PuTTYTree PuTTYTree is a free widget that displays your PuTTY sessions as a tree. (You can get PuTTY from HERE) Ok, Tutty (yes, with a "T") and plaunch already do this very well, but I had fun making this tree ...
Size: 138 KB
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display PuTTY displayer putty replacement  
Chalkboard Chalkboard is a free and simple Widget for sketching images. There are five colors to choose from as well as an eraser. Release every though and let your imagination free with the help of this widget....
Size: 56.29K
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Widget draw drawing paint draw on desktop sketch  
CPU Moniter Plus CPU Moniter Plus is a free widget that monitors your cpu. This Widget is based off of the Konfabulator Widget Creation Tutorial found at It adds some nice enhance
Size: 1.83K
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monitor CPU Usage cpu monitor monitor CPU CPU load